Sunday, January 15, 2017

Worlds Apart

I am questioning if I should post this, even now. It seems so private, yet the thoughts and emotions that percolated around it's inception want some form of escape. The indelible image that is referenced  in here was a friend of mine, who while having been really stressed on another's behalf was driving one day, and a song came on; I watched the stress disappear as she looked to Jesus in worship. The complete change I saw in her amazed me, and formed much of my opinion concerning her character.
It's unfortunate that our paths lead in such different directions.

While catastrophic planetary impact is something I would rather normally avoid,
It made me really happy to see our worlds collide.
The grace and beauty you displayed,
in the midst of tumultuous days
So polished and debonair,
while another's burden you did bear.
The inexplicable strength you got,
when the Great King's strength you sought.
When eyes and heart you did upturn,
I saw you released from the burden.
If you looked you would find
the indelible image left upon my mind.
So to tell the truth it hurts my heart,
                                                      to see how we are still worlds apart.


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