Friday, January 20, 2017

My dear...

Sometimes you just have to make a public declaration  of how you feel.

When I see you in the morning,
It fills me with joy,
a boyish giddiness overtakes me
as I hold you,
your body the work of an artist,
I hold so close the aroma of you fills my lungs.
I fall in love again as I feel the warmth of you.
It's like each day you give me strength,
a day without you I shudder to face.
Even now, I miss the taste of you on my lips,
that comes from every sip
of that dark delicious drip.
Coffee, you are my friend.

Yes, I am an unreformed coffee enthusiast.But that is perfectly acceptable as I am a barista,and long time coffee snob.
 I did break from my normal rhyme and metric that I  have. But that's okay,I break rules when they get in my way ( although I am trying to stop my soft core rebellious ways). I also couldn't write in my traditional style while avoiding the object of my affection to the end.   

Dear friends, stay caffeinated.


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