Saturday, January 14, 2017

Monument to Failure

The pain is too great,
the stupid mistakes,
that keep me awake at night.
Mistakes, shortcuts,
leaving me tortured,
unable to lift my gaze.
The things that were done, and can't be undone
have driven me here to this place.
So erected here,
overshadowed by fear
this monument to failure stands.
This work of my hands so amply demands,
my authority be resigned.
Now unable to raise
the bar to it's place for those who would come behind.
Unable to guide, I leave them now blind,
searching in vain for hope.
But held by my past,
this charade can not last,
or their fall will be just as mine.

This was more of a concept piece, taken from a line in the book "The Supernatural Ways of Royalty"
where Kris Vallotin is talking about how forgiveness restores the right order of things, otherwise we wouldn't be able to hold the people we lead to a bar any higher than our lowest point.  I have been  the leader that should have come with correction at times, but was aware of my own shortcomings and so I didn't  correct the wrong. 

* There is hope beyond failures, but unless it is addressed and brought to the light, you undermine your authority. 

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