Friday, January 6, 2017


I have started this blog more as a page for my poetry, where I can give authors notes on the inspiration behind what I wrote and the significance of chosen nomenclature at various points within my writing. The blog's name, Snippets of Conversations, is chosen as a lot of my inspiration comes from a conversation I had with a friend, or random stranger. There will be bits of the conversation playing in my head later in the day and I will think of implications, or profound truth from a phrase used, or just thinking, I could use that term in a poem.

Me, being a Bible school graduate, with intention of going to seminary for Master's work as soon as I can, you will probably find that theology leaks over to my writing most of the time. The reason for this is, my mind is usually a dark place; I tend to be melancholic, and lean toward depression often.
But, with that I know there is always hope, so I try to not end on a dark note.  We go through terrible things in this life, but that is not the end.  So I try to be real with a lot of what I write, while keeping in mind ultimate reality; That God cares for you and me, and will not abandon us.*

*1 : While we were still sinners ( actively rejecting God, and at enmity with Him)  He saw fit to send His only Son Jesus to take the punishment for our rebellion. Making the only way for us to be made right with God, through trust in Jesus

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