Wednesday, March 1, 2017


To win your love

I wish I had words to say

That pulled heartstrings like Michael Bible.

Or I would just hold your hand on a warm summer day. 

I would twirl you around as the swing music plays. 

Oh, to see your sweet smile as we talk face to face. 

So why is it I just turn Away? 

I'm afraid you'd reject me, and leave me ashamed. 

And my stupid pride doesn't want to lose face. 

To confess how I feel leaves me vulnerable. 

And the scars of the past say that's intolerable. 

They tell me a fall is inevitable. 

I'm sorry to be so cynical. 

But love unrequited is all I've known. 

I apologize this piece is not really uplifting.  I have had the beginning of it stuck in my head for some time,  in various phrasings.  I wanted a kind of cute romantic poem, but reality  let me know that all I have known is delusion when it comes to relationships with any girl I have had a crush on.   I either shut up, and become very serious with everything,  or I act like I'm in 2nd grade.  I find it pretty much impossible to "be myself".  It's remarkably frustrating to deal with,  so I let cynicism run its course and then I don't have to change. 

 More apologies,  

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